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Jun 11 2010
Donington, GB
Donington Festival

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I'm from Argentina. I will travel to Europe only for ac/dc. I don't know anything there, so i will try enjoy the trip too:D
If anyone want to come with me to Donington send me a mail.
My msn is <a href=""></a>.
See you there!!!

PD: sorry my english, i don't speak well the language

dc again! this'll be the third time seein them on this tour, and its supposed to be a good one, so hopefully they play a couple different tracks? but if not who cares. can't wait, but until then.....rock on!

im going to donington,gb mayby frunt row. if u see sombody with short her looks like an 8 year old person tats me and i may have school cloths on like angus.........................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!rock out acdc i mean best band in the wold ac/dc

Can't wait for friday night to out to AC/DC at Donington.

They will play for about 2 hours, I wish I could go.

Ok Its been 20+ years since I've seen Angus and co live, they were awesome back then and after last nights show they are still the greatest rock and roll band on the planet, end of! epic show already looking for the next gig