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Angus Young, Malcolm Young, and George Young

In 1972, the new project of Harry Vanda and George Young (The Easybeats) Marcus Hook Roll band recorded 3 singles in the UK (at Abbey Road Studios) which were released in the UK and Europe. The singles were well received, and after some persuasion from producer Wally Allen, the team decided to go back into the studio to record more tracks for a full length album however this time at Albert Studios in Sydney, Australia.

For the new recording sessions, they would be joined by George’s younger brothers Angus and Malcolm for their very first studio recordings, predating AC/DC by about a year. The 3 A side songs from the UK singles were released on the "Tales of Old Grandaddy" album in 1973, along with the rest of the songs that were recorded in Australia at Albert studios with Angus, Malcolm, and John Proud on drums and Howie Casey.

The song "Shot In The Head" was originally recorded by Vanda and Young in 1971 and released as a single under the name "Haffy's Whiskey Sour" and a new version was re-recorded with the MHRB line up.

The songs "Natural Man", "Louisana Lady", and "Can't Stand The Heat" (as well as their B sides) were all originally recorded in 1972 in the UK (Abbey Road Studios) and released as singles there (and Europe). These songs were recorded with Alex Young (older brother of George, Angus & Malcolm), Ian Campbell and Freddie Smith.

Marcus Hook Roll Band
Harry Vanda-Guitar, Vocals
George Young- Guitar, Vocals, Piano, Bass
Alex Young- Sax, Vocals
Ian Campbell- Bass
Howie Casey- Sax
John Proud- Drums
Freddie Smith- Drums
Angus Young- Guitar
Malcolm Young- Guitar

Tales Of Old Grandaddy (original release in Australia 1973)

1. Natural Man (UK)
2. Louisiana Lady (UK)
3. Shot In The Head
4. Can't Stand The Heat(UK)
5. Goodbye Jane
6. Quick Reaction
7. The People And The Power
8. Red Revolution
9. Cry For Me
10. Silver Shoes And Strawberry Wine
11. Watch Her Do It Now
12. Ape Man

The singles that were released (in the UK) also contained non-album tracks:

Louisiana Lady/Hoochie Koochie Har Kau
Natural Man/Boogalooing is for Wooing
Can't Stand the Heat/ Moonshine Blues

An album titled "Full File" was released by Albert in 1981 which had all original tracks plus the bonus single B sides

The album was reissued several times, and finally on CD in the 1990’s, but all are now long out of print and difficult to locate.