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What Do You Do for Money Honey
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You're workin' in bars ridin' in cars
Never gonna give it for free
Your apartment with a view on the finest avenue
Lookin' at your beat on the street
You're always pushin', shovin', satisfied with nothing
You b**** you must be gettin' old
So stop your life on the road
All your diggin' for gold
You make me wonder
Yes I wonder, I wonder

Honey, what do you do for money
Honey, what do you do for money
Ah, where do you get your kicks

I have been a fan of AC/DC for 2 or 3 years now. I was 12 or so when I started listening to them, and now I'm 15. Anyways, I started listening to AC/DC when I made a Youtube account and added a few people that loved AC/DC. They sent me song reccomendations and every song I loved. I started thinking about AC/DC all the time. I bought my first album-AC/DC Live at Wal-Mart and couldn't get enough. Then I started to listen to more non-mainstream albums like Fly on the Wall, Blow Up Your Video, and Flick of the Switch, etc. and I love them too. Then I got a guitar for Christmas and learned it, and this Christmas I asked for an Epiphone SG to look like Angus's. I can play alot of AC/DC songs on it too.

That's why I'm a fan..


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