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Aint no fun waiting around to be a millionaire
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"Get your f***in jumbo jet outta my airport!" that is truly a fantastic phrase it made me laugh alot

I'm a fan (and you should be too) because... Well it al started when I first heard AC/DC I instantly fell in love with that amazing tone! These days there are many differnt types of music, and alot of it is rubish really too much computerised crap. I live by Rock n Roll and true Rock n Roll at that. Ive heard many bands say they are a rock n roll band, but they are not they are actors not muicians. AC/DC are a true rock n roll band they are the worlds greatest muicians. There is no words in the dictionary that will ever discibe how AC/DC music makes you feel, you dont just hear it. You feel it, right through your body. Makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and a rush of energy that surges through you. No band has ever made me feel like that but AC/DC. That distinctive tone of the SG and the Gretch though those Marshall super leads is a sound that has shaped rock n roll over the past 30 plus years. AC/DC are true muicians, they go out to play infront of people, to entertain the people and to enjoy themselves. AC/DC have taken alot of flack of the years and gone through many differnt genres, alos a tragedy, but they came out fighting and I admire that. I look up to them as do many millions of people around the world, and thousands of bedroom guitarists, drummers bass players and singers who play in a small bands like myself, have their AC/DC poster on the bedroom wall, stomping the rythm and duck walking around the room believing there Angus for a short period of time, doing there part in supporting the 5 greatest Rock n rollers to ever walk the face of the earth, and keeping rock n roll alive. I got my Gibson SG with the 57 classics, I build a replica Marshall cab, vintage 30s, just need a super lead plexi 100w and I can really crank it up.
I also love AC/DC for their passion in what they do, they seem like such down to earth people, ive seen muicians before who dont respesct their fans, and walk away from them. This is not the case with AC/DC, they respect the fans and will talk to them and that is fantastic. It really is just great what they do, song after song is just pure excellence, I dont know where Angus and Malcolm pull these riffs from, one after the other just blow your head off they are truly amazing and the bass and drums, Phil with that awsome driving punch that is like a freight train plowing along, and Cliff with the bass right there at the root of the riffs with those awsome basslines. Not to forget Brian with that amazing voice that fits so perfectly with the style, how the hell does he do it! People say there stuff sounds the same blarr blarr, I mean how can it sound the same when each song has different lyrics and a different riff its silly. I just love every song they're all great. Those bluesy solos that are amazing and awsome riffs just never stop amazing me. I mean it just makes you wanna boogy and bop, ahh I just cant explain you just gotta experience it for yourself, I saw them at Download 2010 was right at the front next to the fence at the side off the cat walk. Was about 10 feet from Angus and Brian, have a picture with Brian pointing directly into the camera I was holding, he was looking at me, was the best night of my life.
As long as I live I will do my upmost best to support AC/DC and keep Rock n Roll alive.
Because they are the best of the best, and that is why I'm a fan.


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