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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...

AC/DC is the greatest rock band to ever be formed! There's Rock legends than there's the great AC/DC not legends there the GOD'S of ROCK N ROLL! Not only does AC/DC rock, but how can you not love Angus Young in hes 50's and still rocking n rolling like hes a 12 year old school boy! Not only dose AC/DC get played every day in my house but i think it should be a sin not to listing to the greatest rock band ever! have all the AC/DC CD's a t-shirt for every day of the week.. i never leave the house with out a AC/DC hat or shirt some times both on Smile

I have been a fan sins i was 9years old Smile born in 1993 ppl always ask way i like a old band like AC/DC, It's because they are the only real "ROCK N ROLL BAND" that knows how to ROCK N ROLL like a real ROCK band should!

I never listing to any other rock band as much as AC/DC... AC/DC played in the morning, noon, night loud and proud!

ps only good thing about ROCK N ROLL right now is AC/DC


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