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Deep Cuts: Ride On
AC/DC’s “Ride On” from the 1976 album “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” a fantastic and powerful blues driven track and a song that fans often associate with Bon Scott’s legacy.  “Ride On” is the 8th track on the album (on both the Australian and International versions). The song is highlighted by Angus’ exemplary guitar solos as Bon soulfully sings “and I ain't too old to hurry ‘cause I ain't too old to die, but I sure am hard to beat…”

The song had never been performed live with Bon, however just 6 days before his untimely death on February 13th 1980, Bon recorded a version of the song with the French rock band Trust at Scorpio Studios in London, England.  AC/DC offered fans a special performance of the song on June 22nd 2001 during the “Stiff Upper Lip” tour at the Stade de France in Paris as a salute to John Lee Hooker who passed away the day before. The video of this performance can be found on AC/DC’s “Plug Me In” DVD Box set release on disc two.