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Date: 1978
Countries: 9

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AC/DC opened for Thin Lizzy. I told everyone in the queue who was within earshot, they were about to hear the best rock band on earth. It was to be the best rock n roll show I have seen. I walked out of the theatre without the need or desire to experience, the "headliner".

Bon Scott kicked ass....

This was the best gig I have ever been to. The audience was about five hundred and my ears didn't stop ringing for two days. I was hooked for the rest of my life. Long live Bon!

First ACDC concert , still have the ticket stub.

Not listed here was a gig at the Vauxhall Holiday Camp in Great Yarmouth (UK). My first AC/DC concert. From memory it was 11 May. Basically the venue was not much more than a glorified bar with a smallish stage to one side. I seem to remember Angus slipping over on spilt beer and slightly cutting his leg. Ferociously hot and deafeningly loud. Absolutely brilliant. Oh gawd for those days again!

My best buddy were on a road trip from ND after we graduated high school. We were staying at my sisters place in Austin and noticed the ad the day of the show. We were worried about smuggling some booze into the event and couldn't find a liqour store close enough to pick up a bottle so went in thinking all we had was the herb(back in the day when everyone indulged). Once we got in the place there were bars on the sides and hot girls carring pails of cold beer around. There was a small crowd of maybe 400-500 people, max. We were at the stage the whole time. Scott put Agnus on his shoulders and they ran through the place playing like crazy. Best show since. Seen them in Winnipeg and Fargo and nothing compares to that show. Here is where it gets crazy. We were sitting in my bro in laws datsun behind the Oprey House waiting for the traffic to clear and simmer down a bit. We were pretty close to the tour bus. Out of the hall comes Bon and a roadie. They were standing out by the bus and my buddie and I went to say hi. About 6 -8 others noticed them and came over also. One of the others produced a bottle of Jack Daniels and asked if Bon wanted a pull. He had the roadie take a drink to check it out and the roadie told Bon "it's good". Bon proceeded to drink about 4 -5 good gulps out of the bottle than passed it along. We all had a pull and bulls***ted for a few minutes than he said thanks for coming to the show. This was one of those experiences that happens and no one will believe you.