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Sin City
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Diamonds, and dust
Poor man last, rich man first
Lamborghinis, caviar
Dry martini's, Shangri-La
I got a burnin' feeling
Deep inside of me
It's yearnin'
But I'm gonna set it free

I'm goin' in, to sin city
I'm gonna win, in sin city
Where the lights are bright
Do the town tonight
I'm gonna win, in sin city
Oh let me roll ya baby

Ladders, and snakes
Ladders give, snakes take
Rich man poor man
Beggar man thief
Ain't got a hope in hell
That's my belief
Fingers Freddy
Diamond Jim
They're getting ready
Lookout I'm coming in

So spin that wheel, cut that pack
And roll those loaded dice
Bring on the dancin' girls
And put the champagne on ice

I'm goin' in, to sin city
I'm gonna win, in sin city
Where the lights are bright
Do the town tonight
I'm goin' in, to sin city!

I can't say it... it just can't be described here...You feel it inside.
They are fantastic and everytime I hear one of their songs I go crazy..totally crazy.
Maybe all the fans say the same things, but I really don't know how to describe them....is there something better than "fantastic"? Something better than "Gods"?
Yeah, you may think I'm a stupid to say those things but...you know, I don't believe in God but if someone ask me in what I believe, I answer "in feelings and emotions". And This band can control all my feelings, my mind, my body and everything about me. Even if I'm sad or something like this, if I hear one of the songs...I immediatly feel a better Smile .
I don't know how they do.
I like other artists too...but there isn't NOBODY like them, for me. I've never felt like this before.
Really...I don't know how to explain.
I think that sometimes people misunderstand what I mean..

Is not so common to fall in love with a band, even if someone deny this.
For "fall in love" I mean the <strong> true </strong> meaning of this word.

Music is a good thing in my life, it means very much to me...but AC/DC is just another story Smile .

(I hope to have used a correct English ._. )


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