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November 18th, 1997 AC/DC released the “Bonfire” box set. AC/DC would release their special 5 CD box set (USA & Japan, rest of the world excluded “Back In Black” in the original release), which was created as a special tribute to original lead singer Bon Scott. Inspired by Bon himself who once said “"when I'm a f***ing big-shot, I want my solo album to be called 'Bonfire'.” The “Bonfire” box would include a double CD set “Let There Be Rock: The Movie”, which contained the Paris 1979 concert which had been previously released on the video movie “Let There Be Rock”. It would also include a CD release of the original promotional only album “Live From The Atlantic Studios” which contained AC/DC’s performance at Atlantic studios, New York from December 1977. The CD “Volts” would contain songs that were since previously unreleased tracks including the songs “Dirty Eyes”, “Backseat Confidential”, “Touch Too Much” (original version), “Get It Hot” (original version), “If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It”) (original version), as well as a live version of “Sin City” from the Midnight Special TV show in 1978. “Volts” would also include a select number of previously released tracks included as a dedication to Bon. “Volts” was produced by George Young. Lastly, the “Bonfire” box set would include a re-mastered copy of the “Back In Black” album. The original box set release also contained a key chain/bottle opener, tattoo, poster, and special booklet. The “Bonfire” box set would later be released in 2003 in digipak format, and included all 5 CD’s worldwide.