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AC/DC Fan Of The Month: Ben Lister (NSW, Australia)

Our October 2012 AC/DC fan of the month is Ben Lister who resides on the Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia. Ben has been an AC/DC fan for 30 years, he was first introduced to AC/DC when he was 7 by a teenager that lived across from his house. Ben tells "He asked me if I have heard of Angus Young when I replied who's that he said 'the best guitarist in the world', it was then that he turned his Mum and Dad's stereo up full blast and gave me my first dose of AC/DC. He played me "Soul Stripper", changed LP's and then blasted me with "Live Wire" & "Rock 'N Roll Singer". I have never looked back every single day since then I have listened to AC/DC."

Ben names his favorite AC/DC album as "Powerage" and his favorite songs "Soul Stripper", "What's Next To The Moon", and "Rock N Roll Singer". Not only is Ben a die-hard AC/DC fanatic, he also plays in a Bon Scott-era AC/DC cover band that he started a few years ago called "Damnation", and since has had the honor of two tours to rock the Australian armed forces on deployment in the Solomon Islands and also a recent trip to Afghanistan. "both trips were an amazing experience and were very well received" says Ben. He also traveled to Perth during AC/DC's "Black Ice" tour, and visited Bon's statue and his memorial plaque, and attended both concerts there, as well as attending the three Sydney concerts. "While I was in Perth I got to meet them and get some pics and some of my rarities from my Collection signed. To meet Malcolm was mission complete for me, for 30 years I've been listening to his thunderous riffs and I finally got to shake his hand and thank him for the Rock 'n Roll he has given us, as awesome as Angus is for me i love watching Malcolm he is incredible I have always said to my mates I'd donate my balls to science to jam with Malcolm!!! This obsession with ACDC has taken me to amazing places and i've met some amazing people that have the same obsession"

In closing, Ben tells us what makes AC/DC so special for him "AC/DC's no bulls*** rock 'n roll. their ticket prices have hardly changed in price since I first saw them on the blow up your video tour,the riffs the structure of their music, they are craftsmen of their rock 'n roll. In my opinion they are the best band to ever grace the planet and I don't think that anyone else past or present will ever come close to being anywhere near as good as as AC/DC."