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AC/DC Fan Of The Month: Craig Burgess, Melbourne Australia

Our March AC/DC fan of the month is Craig Heath Burgess who has been an AC/DC fan for 25 years and lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia “where it all began” says Craig. “To me AC/DC are the greatest band of all time, they are true working class men. In today's music industry artists are always being told what to do, AC/DC make their own rules and break the rules ha ha. The band has been around for so long now, they are royalty (our family jewels) I have always loved both eras, Bon and Brian's, they are two unique talents, so similar yet so different. And let's face it, who else can drop his school shorts in front of hundreds of thousands of screaming men and women and get away with it? Only Angus Young! The other band members past and present have always been under-rated but they have always been a pivotal cog in the Rock 'N' Roll Train that is AC/DC."

Naming your favorite AC/DC album is never an easy task for die-hard AC/DC fans, as Craig agrees “It is so hard to pick a favourite album, I love them all. Probably "Highway to Hell", followed closely by "Powerage", all of them I'm biased. Also choosing a favourite song is just as hard. They are all classic rock tunes, "Money Talks", "Oh Jene", "Love Hungry Man", "Night Of The Long Knives", "Riff Raff", "Ain't No Fun" to name a few…”

Craig is also an avid collector of the band and has developed a considerable collection over the years collecting anything and everything acca dacca, he now has a room full of rare AC/DC collectibles and memorabilia. Craig tells “I also have a half sleeve tattoo dedicated to the band, a history collage with the Angus devil, flames, lightning, the cannon, bell, Looy the fly, signatures and a black wash portrait of Bon Scott.”

Craig has since seen AC/DC live four times, twice on the “Stiff Upper Lip” tour and twice on the “Black Ice” tour “They are the greatest live act ever, always giving 200% on stage. I would have loved to have seen them in the earlier years, there has been so many great tours, I will be there at the next tour with bells on (Hells Bells ha ha).”

“The ultimate thrill for me would be to one day meet the band so I could tell them how much they have changed my life. It certainly has been a long way to the top, now they enjoy all the success and fame and they have earned every bit of it. To Brian, Angus, Malcolm, Phil, Cliff and Bon I salute you!!! Ride on boys!!!!!”