AC/DC Fan Of The Month: Joshua Smith: AKA AC/DC Buttonman (Seattle, WA, USA) | The Official AC/DC Site
AC/DC Fan Of The Month: Joshua Smith (AC/DC Buttonman) (Seattle, WA, USA)
Our February AC/DC fan of the month is Joshua Smith, better known to AC/DC fans around the world as “AC/DC Buttonman” who lives in the great North-West in West Seattle Washington, USA. Josh has become well known over the years in the AC/DC fan community as AC/DC Buttonman, due to his ‘button jacket’ which is covered with 1500+ AC/DC buttons and weighing 23 pounds! Josh tells of his button collecting passion “Collecting buttons is an exciting hobby, I started wearing them on a horned cap back in 1983, then a Levis jacket 1986, then a trench coat in 2003, to the now wizard coat, holding 1,500+, weighing very heavy, at 23 pounds, took me about 60 hours to assemble & years of collecting on Ebay.  *don't try this at home, I'm an addicted super-fan with loads of experience.”

Josh first heard AC/DC in 1979 “Highway To Hell” he says “on KISW Seattle's BEST ROCK!” and has been a fan ever since, first seeing the band live in 1982 on their “For Those About To Rock” tour, and has since been to 30 AC/DC concerts he says “never enough! More adventures to come (rare buttonman moments) and follow along if you can!”
Josh continues to share his experiences and travels “Where to begin??  1st) I'm truly honored to be included as part of this thrilling band, *I can't tell you their name, but their initials are.. AC/DC!  Along the way, I've been very blessed as a fan, never in this lifetime would I ever dream of ever getting to do, all the things I actually say I have done!  I briefly played Angus' SG while he soloed on the shoulders out into the Seattle crowd in 1982.  Met the whole band in 1983, partied in their VIP room, was introduced to Angus, as "this is your no1 fan!"  Then while they played "This House is on Fire" a local Army soldier decided to shoot a military flare gun up into the new wooden Tacoma Dome!  The next tour I was invited to play "AIR GUITAR" to Who Made Who, during their opening song in 1986, just before going on stage, Angus signed the back of my white dress shirt.. To Josh "AIR GUITARIST EXTREME" Angus Young, AC/DC.   I've traveled down under for two tours & eight shows, appeared on Mtv to show the band my newest button coat and said "WELCOME ACCA DACCA!"  ...and soon after their world tour got started, I was spotted in their Stiff Upper Lip tour program, fans suddenly wanted my autograph becoming a super-fan, and busy taking photos with the fans, even had AC/DC shaved in the back of my head for 17 shows!  Flew to Germany for two Stones/AC/DC shows, and Jimmy Page's daughter approached me outside Hockenheim's racetrack, asking to interview me and take a couple photos wanting to add me into her "MOJO" magazine (8/2003) unbelievable!”

This Summer, the EMP museum in Seattle will be hosting the AC/DC Family Jewels exhibition and they are excited to also be displaying Josh's hardcore button jacket for fans all summer, Josh says “so if you're going, be on the lookout for the AC/DC Buttonman, he lives very close to Seattle's EMP museum and wants to meet every AC/DC fan that shows they're addicted to this band as he is.”
When asked to choose his favorite AC/DC album and songs, Josh stated “Most albums are my favorites, but I'd say... '74 JAILBREAK. The #1 song for me... “For Those About To Rock” & 2nd; “Soul Stripper”. In closing Josh reveals what makes AC/DC his favorite band “It's because of all their ENERGETIC HIGH/POWERED tunes that keep your blood pumping for MORE!  I love all types of music, but there's NOTHING like 'em.....LIFE w/o AC/DC, I DON'T THINK SO!!”

Josh welcomes friendship with other AC/DC fans and you can find him on his own Facebook page and Buttonman's AC/DC Army Yahoo group.