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Angus Young And The SG

When one sees a Gibson SG, the first name that comes to mind is AC/DC’s Angus Young. When you think of Angus, the only guitar that you should envision is the SG. Angus has played Gibson SG’s through his entire career with AC/DC, ever since the early club days. Angus tells of his love and loyalty to the SG in an interview with Steven Rosen from 1983 “It was light [weight-wise]. I’d tried the other ones, Fenders, but you’ve really got to do a number on 'em. They’re great for feel but the wiring just doesn’t got the balls. And I don’t like putting those DiMarzio’s and everything because everyone sounds the same. It’s like you’re listening to the guy down the street. And I liked the hard sound of the Gibson. All the other sort of Gibson’s I tried like the Les Paul was too heavy. Hip displacement. When I first started playing with the SG there was nothing to think about.”

Angus’ first real guitar was a Hofner which was passed on to him by his older brother Malcolm after getting his Gretsch. Soon after Angus picked up an amplifier and his first SG and has been playing them ever since. “After that I got out and got a Gibson SG that I played until it got wood rot because so much sweat and water got into it. The whole neck warped. I bought it second-hand, it was about a ’67. It had a real thin neck, really slim, like a Custom neck. It was dark brown. After about a year, you lose about half the power in the pickups so you either get them re-wired or put new ones in. Just ordinary Gibson's.” He now has a vast collection of Gibson SG’s of various years and models.

Angus has since collaborated with Gibson to create the Angus Young signature series Gibson SG which features his lightning bolt inlays on the fret board.