Angus Young, The Early Outfits | The Official AC/DC Site

In AC/DC’s early days, before lead guitarist Angus Young decided to wear the schoolboy suit like we know him today, he had tried a variety of other outfits on stage, including Zorro, Superman (aka Super-Ang!), Spiderman (complete with a rope spider web at the back of the stage), and even a gorilla suit which featured Angus jumping out of a cage during the show. Some early AC/DC appearances on Countdown in Australia were aired with Angus as Super Angus as well as Zorro.

In an interview from 2009, Angus stated "The name of the group and the school suit is down to my sister Margaret. My older brother George, who was a member of THE EASYBEATS, said, 'You need something people will remember you by.' I tried different costumes including a Superman suit, a Zorro outfit and once even dressed up as a gorilla. It was Margaret who came up with the school uniform. The hard part was to convince me."

"I still love putting the shorts, cap and school tie on before a show — it gives you that energy. I become not me but the guy in the school suit. That's better in a way because I'd be standing up there feeling really shy otherwise."