Angus Young: Manic Schoolboy

Angus Young is well known by his frantic endless energy on stage, legs always moving, head bobbing to the beat and seemingly never tiring, never missing a lick on his sweat drenched Gibson SG guitar. Angus would then drop to the floor, kicking, writhing in spasms while unleashing an electrifying guitar solo to the amazement of the crowd.

Another part of Angus’ on stage antics is his infamous strip-tease. It started back in AC/DC’s early club days as Angus would trot across the stage, shedding most of his school uniform until finally dropping his shorts to moon the audience. In a Guitar Player interview from 1984, Angus tells of some problems that were presented “In certain countries they told me I couldn't do it when I first went there-Japan, Spain. But somehow I did and got away with it. It just depends. But then again, the people from the authority come and laugh. I remember when we first toured through Britain, there was a big campaign to stop us playing everywhere. They used to send along the vice squad, and they were embarrassed about it all, too. They couldn't see there was any wrong in anything I did.”

These days, Angus has stripped during “The Jack” (“Black Ice” tour). In the beginning it used to be during “Baby Please Don’t Go”, and then became “Bad Boy Boogie” (up until the “Flick Of The Switch” tour), followed by “Jailbreak” up through to the “Ballbreaker” tour where he did it during “Boogie Man”, and again during “Bad Boy Boogie” (during the “Stiff Upper Lip” tour.)