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In 1977 Cliff Williams joined AC/DC as their new bass player, replacing original bassist Mark Evans.
AC/DC were just preparing to tour the United States for the first time in support of their new album "Let There Be Rock".
Cliff would join the band through an audition, he was originally told by a friend about the position being open and that he was on the bands short list. Cliff would meet with the band in Victoria, Australia and aside from some blues jams, would audition with "Live Wire" and "Problem Child", and was later told by AC/DC’s manager that he’s got the job.
Australian immigration would later give Cliff some problems coming back to Australia prior to recording the “Powerage” album. Cliff remembers "The idea was that I left London to go to Australia, because we were sensed to prepare the recording of “Powerage”, but the Australian immigration service wasn't really good with me. In fact, the guy who had my folder told me : "I don't know why an Englishman has the job. An Australian one would have done it really fine." I answered : "You fool, you could make me lose my job !" So, I had many problems, but finally I've been able to go to Australia where we've recorded the album."