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Deep Cuts: Live Wire
The 4th song (on side one for vinyl enthusiasts) on AC/DC’s worldwide debut album “High Voltage” (as well as on the 1975 Australian album “T.N.T.”) is “Live Wire”.
The song begins with a steady bass line which slowly builds up with Malcolm’s guitar and Phil’s high hat until they are all joined by the attack of Angus’ full blast Gibson SG. “Well if you’re lookin’ for trouble, I’m the man to see” sings Bon Scott as he gives a warning to trouble makers and a welcome to interested ladies as the verses go on. “If you’re lookin' for satisfaction, I’m satisfaction guaranteed”.

The track “Live Wire” would become a standard opener for most AC/DC’s concerts since 1975 all the way through 1979’s “Highway To Hell” tour. AC/DC only played this song one other time in 1982 (Glasgow) and have not performed it live since then. “Live Wire” is often cited as a fan favorite and many die-hard fans also choose it as one of their top concert intro songs performed by AC/DC over the years.

Live versions of “Live Wire” can be found on both “Live From The Atlantic Studios” (New York 1977) and “Let There Be Rock: The Movie – Live In Paris” (Paris 1979) (both part of the “Bonfire” box set release) as well as in AC/DC’s “Backtracks” box set release (London 1979).