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First AC/DC Album Released: High Voltage February 17, 1975
On this date February 17, 1975 AC/DC’s first album “High Voltage” was released. AC/DC’s debut album was issued in Australia only on the Albert label, and this version of the album has never otherwise been released outside of Australia/New Zealand. The album contains 8 songs and is quite different from the internationally released “High Voltage” album from 1976. The international “High Voltage” featured only 2 songs (“She’s Got Balls” and “Little Lover”) from the original album. The rest of the remaining tracks would not see an international release until 1984 on AC/DC’s “74 Jailbreak” album, with the exception of “Stick Around” and “Love Song” which would not become available until AC/DC’s 2009 “Backtracks” release.

A little known fact about this album is that Angus and Malcolm’s older brother George Young (former Easybeats star and well known song writer & producer) plays bass guitar on the album, in addition to production duties with Harry Vanda.

High Voltage (Australian) tracklist:

Baby Please Don’t Go
She’s Got Balls
Little Lover
Stick Around
Soul Stripper
You Ain’t Got A Hold On Me
Love Song
Show Business