Whole Lotta Rosie | The Official AC/DC Site

The song “Whole Lotta Rosie” from AC/DC’s 1977 album “Let There Be Rock” was inspired by a rendezvous that Bon Scott once had with a very plus sized woman from Tasmania. “I just couldn’t say no” Bon once said in an interview about his encounter. Rosie weighed 19 stone (266 pounds) as Bon describes in the song, and her proportions measured 42-39-56 as Bon sings “You could say she’s got it all!”
Since 1990, AC/DC’s tours would feature a giant inflatable “Rosie” on stage during the song, the original one has since been retired and replaced with an updated version.
It would be at the Glasgow Apollo in 1978 that the infamous “Angus” chant would first occur during the intro of the song, which has become a fan tradition ever since.