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Apr 15 2010
Milwaukee, WI
Bradley Center

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ill be thare. Best band in the world!!!!!!. Gone shottin

Be there or be square!

be nice if i could get a meet and greet. been waiting for 7 months for the show

wow is all i gotta say most def worth the wait what a breath taking experience this is my first time seeing them and there freaking amazing i cant believe everything from the train to the dancing girl to agnus's gut busting solo to the cannons at the end it was all perfect.

totally mind blowing and deafening!!!!!!!!!! Good job mates ^-^

totally mind blowing and deafening!!!!!!!!!! Good job mates ^-^

It's been about 28 years since I've seen them in Milwaukee. Hopefully I'll see them again. These quys are definately NOT ready for retirement. The show was a spectacle. Awesome!

The show last nite in Milwaukee was almost a religious experience!! The best seats I've ever had for their concerts, I will remember this the rest of my days on this planet. Magical comes to mind, definately made this 50 year old feel young again. Will post pics when I figure out how to run the camera

that concert was fricken awesome!!!!! Angus had an awesome solo. And this was my 1st Concert for any band ever. I'm glad I started out with the best of the best