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Apr 17 2010
Des Moines, IA
Wells Fargo Arena

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You lucky people going to the show in Des Moines are in for a real treat, I've been to three concerts this tour and each one was better than the one before- Milwaukee was exxxcellent!!!!! Have fun tonite and ROCK HARD!!

I saw the Well's Fargo show AC/DC rock as hard today as they did when I 1st saw the in Denver in 1979 at the Rainbow Music Hall with Bon Scott but of course Brian isn't Bon. But I can think of no one else that could carry the torch as well. Angus Malcolm and the boy's still got it, like no other band has or ever will have it. Rock-N-Roll is AC/DC alway's has been and will forever more.....white54boy...Ride On...

Rocked it hard, the music was good and the music was loud!

I called a friend from my seat in Wells Fargo Arena. He said "You are going to have the time of your life!". When Brian Johnson said "Let's get this party started!", I found myself on the wildest ride I've ever enjoyed. I own every AC/DC DVD I can find, and they just cannot compare to the LIVE THING. What a fine time. The boys are forever young.

That was the best concert I have ever been to. For being almost 60 years old, these guys are amazing.