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Jun 5 2010
Horsens, Denmark
CASA Arena Horsens

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Det bliver så stort...

Looking for two tickets for this show for some friends of mine who didn't get their own Smile

So please, if you need to unload a couple of tickets, then let's make a deal Smile

mail: <a href=""></a>

Jeg skal afsted med min ven og hans far og min far Laughing out loud
Det bli'r så fedt.. Kan slet ikke fatte det Laughing out loud
Der bliver så meget Rock and roll damnation og thunderstruck hos tilskuerne så I tror det er løgn Laughing out loud
Glæder mig MAX!!

This was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. Thank you AC/DC for making me the happiest man on earth Laughing out loud You are gods among men.

Fantastic!!! Nothing less. LOOOOOOVE U..