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Jun 8 2010
Berne, Switzerland
Stade de Suisse

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mr.b johnson, i don't know how long ago you spent time w/ the top gear fella's ( being I only get bbc america in the states) but you kicked some very serious ass!!! you FOUND the LINE !!! your time was the best i have ever seen (being in the top TWO of the Whole Schmeel) my god man is there nothing you can't do??? congratulations on the track and thank you for the tunes...unbelievable!!! always dan ede.

Awesome concert! I was what I expected and more... Angus Young gave to the public a magisterial and amazing show and how to play the electric guitar... There was two hours of solid rock…

It's was f***ing great !

Thank you boys, you're amazing !

Keep rockin', please !

It was awesome yesterday!!!! a dream came true!!!!!!!!!