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Released: Sep 26th 1995

Ocean Way Studios, Los Angeles, California

Length: 49:47
Label Epic
Producer: Rick Rubin

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Good album, not very well publicised

First of all I need to say that anyone who downs this great band is narrow minded and not a true fan. If an artist keeps the same exact formula album after album then they are not "real".. If an artist makes too much of an experimental change in a musical direction than they risk pushing their following away. AC/DC knows how to keep things familiar while still bringing something new to the table. This album is one of the deepest emotionally & shows a seasoned band of professionals. If you're going to diss a band over an album then there's a million plus right now that truely deserve such action. Have your favorites but know that comparing albums is best suited for one hit wonders and (not taking away their abilities) for example bands like Linkin Park , Disturbed, Mudvayne, who had a phenominal first album and over-retained a weak transparent image for albums to follow sticking with what worked to start. I look at every album by AC/DC as its own experience. I have songs that I may feel aren't my personal favorites but every album in my eyes is a 200% effort. Flick Of The Switch is probably the heaviest album ever written. I've listened to these guys since 1978, had my first lay to Back In Black and so many experiences throughout the years. Black Ice was worth the wait. Thanks AC/DC for everything!