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Released: Oct 17th 2008

The Warehouse Studio, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Length: 55:38
Label Columbia
Producer: Brendan O'Brien

Track Listings

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Rock 'N Roll Train Lyrics MP3
Skies on Fire Lyrics MP3
Big Jack Lyrics MP3
Anything Goes Lyrics MP3
War Machine Lyrics MP3
Smash 'N Grab Lyrics MP3
Spoilin' for a Fight Lyrics MP3
Wheels Lyrics MP3
Decibel Lyrics MP3
Stormy May Day Lyrics MP3
She Likes Rock 'N Roll Lyrics MP3
Money Made Lyrics MP3
Rock 'N Roll Dream Lyrics MP3
Rocking All the Way Lyrics MP3
Black Ice Lyrics MP3

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Reviews (48)

Black ice may perhaps be AC/DC's greatest work. It may even be my favorite album of all time. I have heard every other AC/DC album, and none have the kind of musical quality that black ice. Not even just the hits such as Rock 'N Roll train or Big Jack, I'm talking about songs like Wheels, Stormy may day, and work work money made. In my opinion, money made should have been played live with the Angus bucks from money talks. Some single songs may be better such as Dirty Deeds or Thunderstruck, but in this album, every song is incredible. The musical quality never slows for a second, while it retains that AC/DC simplicity that fans love. Every song is good, that just that. It has such length while staying interesting throughout. And the whole Anything Goes and War Machine combination just blew me away. Anything goes may even be my favorite song from the album, maybe my favorite song. Brian's voice sounds better than it ever did. In my opinion, he actually got better with age. Its old, raspy, and disgusting and yet so beautiful, yes, beautiful. Its too bad I could BARELY HEAR HIM live. I swear to god, if this is AC/DC's last album, I will hunt AC/DC down, kidnap them, and not let them go until a new album is made, mark my words.


Black Ice Rocks


I loved Stiff Upper Lip when it first came out — edging back towards the bluesy roots of old — best album since Flick of the Switch. But Black Ice just blew me away — rock, roots, funk — brilliant. And Brian's voice is the best it's ever been — back to the power of Flick of the Switch, but with more soul. And STILL awesome live. Greatest rock band ever — still rockin' strong. Thanks guys.

Thank you Brian for great voice thank you Angus for great solos thank you Phil, Cliff and Malcolm for great Rhythm and best songs of Black ice to me are R'n'R train, War Machine, Anything Goes, Skies On Fire, Big jack, and Black Ice! Thank you for the great album! But 1 thing was bad in that tour i was out of money and many was sold out and i cant see reasons why u dont come to my Country Croatia! So next tour pls come in Croatia many Croatia fans are waiting for greatest band ever called AC/DC!
Greetings from Croatia Great Holydays!! Wink

She Likes Rock and Roll . F****ing brilliant stuff.

i think this is one of my faviorty albulmes and i have them all / i caught them when they came to littlerock arkansas this last time what a hell of a show

My Favourite Album(Rock'n'Roll Train)

Okay this is the biggie. My band will play Rock N Roll Train, Skies on Fire, War Machine, Big Jack, Anything Goes & Black Ice off this album (I bet you've never played Skies on Fire before.)