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Released: Aug 15th 1983

Compass Point Studios, Nassau, The Bahamas

Length: 37:02
Label Epic
Producer: AC/DC

Track Listings

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Rising Power Lyrics MP3
This House Is on Fire Lyrics MP3
Flick of the Switch Lyrics MP3
Nervous Shakedown Lyrics MP3
Landslide Lyrics MP3
Guns For Hire Lyrics MP3
Deep In The Hole Lyrics MP3
Bedlam in Belgium Lyrics MP3
Badlands Lyrics MP3
Brain Shake Lyrics MP3

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If Powerage is the buried treasure from the Bon Scott years, Flick of the Switch is the buried treasure for the band under Brian Johnson. For Flick of the Switch, AC/DC wanted to return to the simple hard rock roots that got them were they are today. And they delivered one of the hardest albums I have ever heard outside a purely metal band. The drums bang like thunder, the guitars scream to life, and the vocals shout to a new level of intensity for AC/DC. It’s a great new sound that works quite well.

For people who claim that AC/DC just rewrote the same song over and over again, listen to Flick of the Switch. You can find influences from their past work woven into Flick of the Switch, but for the most part the riffs are original containing a lot of grit. There is a bass quality that the Young brothers utilize to make their guitars bellow. It works well with Johnson’s screaming vocals. The opening track, “Rising Power,” sums up the album nicely. You get the same power and BOOM throughout Flick of the Switch that you do in the staring seconds of “Rising Power.” “This House is on Fire” emulates “Hell’s Bells” by starting off with an eerie riff, but it is a different riff set to a different melody. The title track opens in a similar manner to “What do you do for Money Honey” but has a more inventive riff. While there are similarities, like I said, there is more originality than people would initially think.

The song “Nervous Shakedown” is great to listen to because it has a strong sense of story telling and a cool call and answer vocal style during the chorus. “Landslide” is a fast paced rocker that would be a perfect song to start a gig with. “Guns for Hire” begins with Angus messing around with different guitar tone before the song begins. And begins it does! The rest of the band explodes into an all-out rockfest. “Bedlam in Belgium” is about an experience the band had when a show went wrong much like Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water.” It’s a great song that exemplifies AC/DC’s song writing ability. “Badlands” is a bluesy piece that reminds listeners Angus and Malcolm grew up listening to blues and they have never forgotten their roots.

If you are looking for an all out rock album that dominates eardrums and refuses to quit, buy Flick of the Switch. It is a tremendous record that goes overlooked far too often. Amazing guitar licks, screaming vocals, and one of the heaviest rhythm sections of all time does not lie. This album kicks your teeth in and then rams them down your throat. And since you could easily find it for $10, why not make a wise purchase?

Great, but one of the bottom AC/DC albums, favourite songs: ,,Rising Power", ,,Flick of the Switch",, ,,Nervous Shakedown"


Flick of the Switch, the loudest AC/DC-album for sure. I never get bored with this album, I play it over and over in my car and at home in stereos. In top three on my AC/DC-album list. AC/DC at its purest form, produced by Angus and Malcolm. So what else could it be! Then again that`s not the case with Fly On The Wall, I think. When talking about bottom AC/DC-albums Fly On The Wall is definetly one of that catecory, good album in generally though, but from AC/DC I would expect a little bit more. But back in the main case, Flick Of The Switch is a dream come true for a hardcore AC/DC-fan! Favorite song: Landslide

I really lke this album!my favorite songs:Nervous Shakedown,Flick Of The Switch, and Guns For Hire!

god what a ....raw hard luving album ...the best album ever ../ acdc . . . .all is good lov all

i dont get how a person can even think of saying that ac/dc had even one bad album. this wasnt even the most underated album, blow up your video was (great by the way) the second most underated is fly on the wall (everyone only knows the miley cyres version), then who made who (was way to good to be on maximum overdrive), and then comes flick of the switch. only a true fan can like all their albums and all their songs no matter what.

Shouldnt be as overlooked as it is, its one of the best albums theyve ever done.

To me, Flick of the switch has a very special place. I became an AC/DC fan around 1982. At that time, For Those About to rock was their most recent album. I learned about the band, bought all of their albums up to that point and in 1983 I was ready ,just like any other fan for their new album which was Flick of the switch. It was the first ac/dc album that I waited for and went to buy it the first day that it came out, a tradition that I have followed with all the other albums that came later.
It has many great songs like Rising Power, this house is on Fire, Nervous Shakedown(one of my favorites), Guns for hire and Badlands.
Sometimes overlooked but It is a great album. I love to play it and listen to it, every once in a while. I love the guitar riff in This house is on fire.

Flick of the Switch, one of my 2nd Favorite Albums, I own this album too. Favorite songs on here are Rising Power, This House Is on Fire, Nervous Shakedown, Guns For Hire, Bedlam in Belgium, Badlands, and Brain Shake. This album shows Brian Johnson's pure best singing!!!

Rising Power & House Is On Fire are as great an opening salvo as any album ever, but IMO the rest of the songs don't match them, despite many good parts. I can't understand why they don't play these two numbers live, incredible songs that don't sound dated at all.

I'll concur that this is an incredible recording tho. Nothing like it before or since. Hearing it on vinyl the day it was released nearly brought the apartment down. My friends and I were in shock.