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Released: Apr 19th 2010
Length: 60:15
Label Columbia
Producer: Brendan O'Brien

Track Listings

Song Title Video Lyrics Price Buy It
Shoot To Thrill Lyrics
Rock 'n' Roll Damnation Lyrics
Guns for Hire Lyrics
Cold Hearted Man Lyrics
Back in Black Lyrics
Thunderstruck Lyrics
If You Want Blood (You've Got It) Lyrics
Evil Walks Lyrics
T.N.T. Lyrics
Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be Lyrics
Have a Drink on Me Lyrics
The Razors Edge Lyrics
Let There Be Rock Lyrics
War Machine Lyrics
Highway to Hell Lyrics

Reviews (94)

I only saw iron man because that ac/dc made ​​music to the movie, have all your records and was at the concert in Horsens / casa arena

AC/DC has been rocking me for years and years.I hope the come close to Ohio.This will be a concert i will not miss

heey my name is rob i am a real ac/dc fan my dad is a real ac/dc fan too.

Even though I own most of the songs off of this album any way, I still think I have got more than my moneys worth. Having that perfect blend of the old and the new was brilliant. I aslo enoy the prospect of which song is going to come on next. When you listen to an ablum for a while you sort of get that feeling of kowing exacftly whats coming up next. I enjoy the mystique of it all with a new album. After all is said and done I believe in giving the fans somethig to listen to while we await the best hard rock act in the world to release their next album which seems to grow further and further apart each album. Keep Rocking. This is DanBonAngus sgining off.

I liked the first Iron Man. Didn't care about there being a second. Then I heard AC/DC done the soundtrack. I had to see part 2. Movie was not as good as the first but those guitar riffs helped me along. Got three different copies of the soundtrack now! Not matter how many times you hear those wanna hear them more!!

i love iron man 2 i love the albem from acdc i love rock ! ! ! ! ! !

I come from China, like you do music, it is to force, hope the AC/DC make better music!!!!!

I love ACDC with my life. Is my inspiration to continue.

AC/DC thanks for all these great songs...rock and roll will never die!!

Ive Got the CD its well mint