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The 30th Anniversary of 'Back In Black'

On July 25, 1980, AC/DC released Back In Black in the US, followed by the album's UK release on July 31.

Today, the album is a record-shattering rock 'n' roll landmark, passed along from generation to generation and guaranteed a spot on the shelves of every music enthusiast not living under a rock (and some that are). But, that's not how Back In Black started life.

The story of how Back In Black was made and the frenzy it whipped up upon its release is every bit as captivating today as the 41 minute, 48 second, no bullshit, ribcage pounding record itself. Dedicated to the band's fallen friend and frontman, Bon Scott, recorded with then newcomer Brian Johnson, and described by Rolling Stone Magazine's David Fricke at the time as "kick[ing] like a mutha," Back In Black put AC/DC in households from coast to coast, ravaging their speakers in the process.

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, we invite you to revisit the story of Back In Black, complete with videos, photos, quotes from the band, a timeline and a whole lot more.

This is the story of Back In Black.

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Back in Black ablum Will never be forgoten

I was in highschool when it hit the U.S. , I can't believe that it's been that long ! I was into this band before this came out , and they ROCK ! I blew up many a speaker with this band . I really thought that AC/DC would fold when I heard that Bon Scott passed away . I mean , Brian Johnson can sing , but Bon as a bit better . Anyhow , I'm still here , and so isn't AC/DC . MAN , what a ride ! KEEP ROCKIN' !

Not only was the music revolutionary in it's sound, Brian stretching his vocal limit to the max gave it that extra oomph that grabbed the listener by the throat screaming "...yes I'm BACK IN BLACK!".

This album aint never gonna die........NEVER GONNA DIE I bought this baby when I was 11 years old in 1980 the day after I heard it. I got it on 33 1/3 rpm vinal. I have never enjoyed any thing more than this album. I have owned ths one about 15 different times. Thank you for the pure joy that this one has given me. The greatest record of all time. Never gets old, I cannot wear it out, I never get tired of hearing it at full blast the only way it was meant to be played. All of your stuff is great, but this is the creame of the crop. Ive seen you guys about 15 times, Twice in 2 cities last tour. Keep on rocking.

The best album of all time

Ac/Dc is the only band that have stuck to there roots . Blues. They are the only rock and roll band left in the past 20 years. They have stood the test of time. When aliens dig up our civilization in 5000 years they will discover OMG these guys rock

really back in black is a great album,but guys your music really influence me


The reason why AC/DC is my favorite band of all time is because when i was 10 years old my friend had given me the highway to hell cd and it blew me away and had started to see them on videos and everything and it was because of Angus Young that got me into guitar now i'm 8 years into guitar have my own hard rock band and i use angus's influence to make myself make history and become a legendary guitarist and there music is unbeatable thats why AC/DC is the greatest band of all time

Fantastic guys Smile goood news !
your fan from France
Fred Smile

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