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AC/DC Fan Club Forum Back Online!

The AC/DC Fan Club Forum is now back online!
Members can still access the message board community at this location - <a href="" title=""></a>

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Right on! Best dang ac/dc fan club forum on the planet for the best dang rock band ever!

OK ! Excellent!
4 those about to rock...

We,ll see in time

white54boy I'm going to see the Well's Fargo show in Des Moines Ia tonite this will be my 18th AC/DC concert. I saw them at the Rainbow Music hall in Denver Colo on June 6th 1979 with Bon sCOTT THE TICKET'S WERE 8.50 FOR That concert. 8.50 or 90.50 There's only one ROCKIN good time that's real POWERAGE. They [AC/DC] rock and keep rollin then ride on.

Fantastic new site !
really good stuff Staff !
keep it up
Fred Smile

This was our third Black Ice show having attended shows in Minneapolis and Nashville prior. This was a fantastic show, thanks boys!

Hi guys nice work !!!
you rock Staff !
Fred Smile

dudes why don't you make a concert in mallorca theres a lot of people interested including me.

The Kings OF RoCk Ac/Dc Are The BEsT!!!!!!!!!!!

United States