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AC/DC Live At River Plate: Behind the Scenes

Take a behind the scenes look at Buenos Aires and the truly amazing fans that made Live At River Plate one of the most memorable shows in AC/DC history! We salute you!

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..pls upload my tattoo in fan ink!!!

sí, somos unos "truly amazing fans"... AGUANTE AC DC !!!!!!!!!!!

Can't Wait!!!!

Eu assisti o AC/DC nessa turnê, no Show realizado em São Paulo / Brasil. Foi demais.
Estou aguardando anciosamente por este novo DVD, que certamente lembrará as sensações únicas do show.

The thing I like about ac-dc is that theres barely any changes about them so you don't to compare them to this tour or that tour

who agrees?

Just amazing <3

I stayed here for 4 and 6 and were the best times of my life! ilove Ac / Dc

ANGUS where you to find? When a new album you will let out??

What is the status of the contest its shown that pictures are still being reviewed and nothing has been posted for a week