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"A shark cage tour operator has found that great white sharks are attracted to music by Aussie band AC/DC." reports the Australian Geographic.
Apparently, shark cage tour operator Matt Waller has discovered that great white sharks have an appreciation for AC/DC songs. After much experimentation with different music which seemed to have no effect, the sharks were attracted to the cages when they heard AC/DC songs such as "Back In Black" and "You Shook Me All Night Long".
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HEHE, EVEN ANIMALS KNOWS WHATS A RIGHT MUSIC xD <3 ! I going crazy, but I thought I saw a 'news item' on here on 9th June about a gig in Fremantle Australia to celebrate Bon's 65th Birthday featuring Simon Wright and Mark Evans. Did I dream this or is it fact? I'm sure I saw it here??

i can c why the sharks r atracted to AC/DC cuz 1. AC/DC ROCKS and 2. sharks are evil and demons! lol

Couple of weeks ago I went to see a dolphinarium show where they had also white whales (?) and a walrus. When the show started, they began to play music by AC/DC and it was LOUD! It was hilarious to see the whales go just nuts as soon as the music began. First they played 'Are You Ready', then 'Give It Up', and I think 'Back In Black' was also there. And all this time the whales just kept on going like maniacs. We laughed like hell with my wife! So, having witnessed that, I don't find these news surprising at all..! Smile

One of my mates sent me this story as she knew I am a rabid AC/DC fan. I got such a good giggle out of reading this. At least the sharks have great taste huh?

LMFAO Crazy Crazy

Because of this the bands next album should be "Shark Attack!" They could have a great white with devil horns and an Angus hat or something cool like that on the cover of the album.

There is a show in melborne calle 'bon, hell ain't a bad place to be' (I think thats what its called). Which has a tribute band feturing Mark Evans playing bass

The lines about the sharks likes ac dc has only one thing to extract: EVEN UNDER THE SEA AC DC RULES THE WORLD! Long live the masters!.