All Aboard: You're Listening To AC/DC's New Song, 'Rock 'N Roll Train'

"Rock 'N' Roll Train" is just the first page in the latest chapter in AC/DC history. Don't fear!'s got you covered with the entire history book. Check out our new feature, AC/DC 101, for an interactive, in-depth look at each decade of the Acca Dacca annals.

First up is the 1970s. Click here to watch, read and listen as AC/DC grows from humble beginnings in the nightclubs of Sydney to riding down the highway to hell of fame in just a few short years.

You might have heard the tale before, but it's never been told quite like this. With vintage video footage, recovered photos and a new spin on an age-old story, AC/DC 101 is a crash course in the history of the world's most electrifying rock & roll band.

So, go get your schoolboy uniform starched and pressed because class is now in session. Don't be tardy!