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Back In Black In The Charts Again

AC/DC News: Back In Black In The Charts Again

AC/DC's 1980 album, Back In Black, has re-surfaced in the charts again, rocketing to #73 on the Billboard Top 200 in the U.S.

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please come to Ecuador

Not surprising. I bet you any amount of money that Bieber or One direction won't have an album hitting the charts 33 years after it was first released. AC/DC stands the test of time!

Morning everyone if your on facebook think you should check out the page AC/DC for Christmas number 1,it's more a way for fans to say thanks to an amazing band for 40 years of pure magic,it's been set up to get them to num 1 in the UK but I really think this should go worldwide and have them blasting out everywhere this Christmas,so get liking and get on The Highway to Hell Wink

By this event, I hope this album is going to be number one sales of whole world of whole history.(more than "Thriller" by Michael Jackson)
By the way I made a new video for HELLS BELLS. Please watch it.
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Has anyone noticed the fight in the UK to get HIGHWAY TO HELL to CHRISTMAS NUMBER 1??? DOWNLOAD FROM I-TUNES UK PEOPLE!!!

It deserves it. I remember when it was released. Rock 'N' Roll Ain't Never Gonna Die Smile

Back in Black is Back! Proof that it's better than any of today's music.

I never knew it wasn't on the top of the charts the radio station I listen to plays it ALL the time!!!! that's why I like this station never have to filter through a bunch of garbage!

Hells Bells that's Nice! BnB was my second AC/DC concert and songs have been played on the air from this album so much I am surprised it is not in top 100 more often.