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Billboard Reports AC/DC's "Black Ice" World Tour Is The 2nd Highest Grossing Tour In Music History!

Billboard has reported that AC/DC's "Black Ice" world tour which lasted from October 2008 through June 2010 will end up as the second highest grossing tour of all time. The total figures at this time tally up at $441.6 million from 168 shows. AC/DC performed to approximately 4.9 million fans during their "Black Ice" tour, and only falls short of first place to The Rolling Stones "Bigger Bang" tour (2005-2007) which had grossed $558.3 million through 147 shows. AC/DC's "Black Ice" tour also tops Billboard's list of the highest grossing tour of 2010 so far, at approximately $177.5 million from the 40 shows played this year.

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Rock on Boys!! Hope you guys come back to OZ for another tour- don't retire!!!!!!

that was the best tour of my life!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you AC/DC for keeping rock n' roll ALIVE!! thanks a million<3

great but i am pissed why didnt ac/dc come back to phoenix arizona after brian got better i am pissed they didnt come back to arizona

amazing tour for one of the best new albums i have ever heard "Black Ice" AC/DC!!!!!!!!!!!


It's okay AC/DC. My band will perform for you if you are no more.

Any chance of a farewell tour boys,Was at the concerts in the London 02,02 in Dublin and Punchestown dublin,Absoutely amazing concerts Hope to hell i have yer energy when i get to yer age.Ive started a bit of a trend around these parts at weddings The main party piece of the night after the first danc etc etc is You shook me all night long followed by thunderstruck then a bit of a whole lot a rosie.Goes down an absolute treat.Please play Ireland again!!!!!!!!!Rock on

I've seen the boys from downunder 4 times and by far, that was the best 1 yet.
Winning 20 row floors helped (THANK U Q-107)and my wife who saw them for the first time was amazed at watchng Angus @ work.
(she was sweating just watching him)

"My most memorial moment while being a rock star WAS KNOCKING THE STONES INTO THE WEEDS @ Sarsfest in Toronto"

Might be true than Smile I went to see them in Horsens xD

I won the Grand prize to go to New York City then to Penn. to see them I have to say out of all the concerts I've gone to the past 25 years this was off the charts. Angus Young jams like no other. Thanks guys for the kick ass show.