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Bon Scott, Rock In Peace

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even though i was born about 15 years after your death, sometimes i feel really sad about your accident man!! love your voice love your seemed to be an honest, happy and great man! remember you till the end bonny

As a 50 year(++) "oldtimer", AC DC is still the one and only rockband!!! I still remember as a youngster when Bon passed away, I thought my favorite rockgroup was lost forever! I was really impressed whem Brian did one of his first ACDC performances in Deinze Belgium back in 1980, just after Bon passed away,...I knew AC DC would continue to be the best hard rock group ever! Nowadays...more than 30 years later...YOU ARE STILL THE TOP!!!!
Thanks for spicing up my life for more than the last 40 years! You have my blessing to continue for the future generations!!!

Happy Birthday, Bon.
Rock in Peace.

rest in peace Bon you will be remembered .

...Bon Thanx For Everything...Can't Wait To Meet You Someday And Have A Couple Of Drinks Together...!!!...Cheers Mate...Hope You're Well Wherever You are....!!!

I belive bon's death is the most tragic in the intire history of celebrity deaths.