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Check Out The New Features On The All New!

Be sure to check out the new features on, the official AC/DC site!

Our brand new community page for fans to interact from around the world, post your own AC/DC blog, upload your favorite AC/DC photos, post comments, and more! Check out the all new AC/DC tour history section, updated photo section, AC/DC 101, and look out for more updates coming soon!

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New tour?

Where Can We Find These "New Features" On AC/ & Angus, Brian, Cliff, Malcolm & Phil? Are The New Features On The AC/DC Fan Club?

brian your the man ,happy birthday

Hi !

I'm a fan since I'm 14 years old today I'm 42 ( 43 on october the 15 th )
you gave & give me the urge to play music ... today my life !!!

a fews months ago I decided to salute YOU all and I began to learn my English by myself ... and wrote - played - recorded - a whole CD to greet YOU ... it contains 8 songs ... all alone in my studio !!! today you 9 of my vids are added on acdcofficiallive-youtube account ! it's a part of my dream that come true ... I wrote the last song called " side by side " to salute Phil an Cliff ... added on your youtube as well since 4 days Smile


I can't wait to you invite ... ah ah
Luv you guys Smile


forever young, forever angus!!!! forever ac/dc!!!!
angus is god!!

i have been listening to acdc for many years now scence my friend many many years ago told me michel jackson wasn't really a zombi when thriller came out. rock on boys

I've been f***ing listing to ACDC since the BonScott era.
OLD School is the best!

My husband is the biggest ac/dc Fan that I have ever seen. I have actually never seen a grown man of 45 years old be a super fan of any music group. Football Fan yes but a music fan no. He has seen them two times in Chicago over a year and a half ago and he still talks about those concerts as if he went to them yesterday. All day long at home and at work he listens to nothing but ac/dc. He falls asleep at night watching their dvd's. I would like to be able to get him an autographed picture of the band. That would be the best Christmas present ever. I was hoping that some how through this fan website someone would be able to help me.

ya man you frikin rock like no one does ,malkim has the rethim down pack he freckin shreds .and the drumer man he has a kick ass chop like I never heard come from no other ever. even if its simpel .but dam good on the ears any way.I got to see them 4 times way back in the good old days .when it was realey rock.not this [Slur Deleted]it bull out their least they have not changed much over the years ,they say who ever they are if its not broak dont fix IT.right .right.well boys keep rockin down the highway .keep doing thous dirty deeds dun dirt chep,