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Congratulations 'I Was There!' Contest Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered the AC/DC 'I Was There!' Fly-Away Contest! We'd like to congratulate Justin B., Heidi S., Gonzalo M., Susan M. and Donna H. -- you and a guest will be flown to London to attend to the AC/DC Live At River Plate World Premiere Presented by DeLeón Tequila! Stay tuned for exclusive photos, video and more from the event!

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Thanks for not giving everyone a chance to enter by not following your own deadlines

Could you post their winning photos? We would love to see which photos won....

Hey, how about the fans like me who first heard AC/DC in 1976, but could/nt get into gigs cos of being too bloody young (14)....I finally worked out why the Victoria APOLLO 1980 gig was so loud...the same sound system as the Wembley Arena was used, what's more some of us still can't work a digital cameras /mobile fones or computers....still must be doing something right cos after 23 years of marriage, my mrs finally caved in and came to see Black Ice at Wembley, she now listens to AC/DC non stop at the gym, I also got a ticket for my sis, who after me going on about them also turned up at Wembley, after the gig I asked her what she thought of why I have been banging on about the unique sound of the band, she rarely swears but said IT WAS F/...NG they finally understand the about a competition to win a hearing aid.............

Well...fine be like that...thats ok I'll be fine. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey i'm one of the winners and i'm in my hotel room in London right now. if any of the other winners see this, tell me what room you're in. let's party!

the best rock n roll ... what else can i say , we are more fans in the whole world than any religion.