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Happy Birthday Angus Young!

Happy Birthday Angus Young!
Happy Birthday Angus Young!

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Happy Birthday Angus, as a guitarist myself you have been my idol for more than 30+ years. Health to you and Rock forever!

Happy birthday, Angus! May you have many happy returns of the day! Thanks for all the years of rockin'! YOU are the best!

Your birthday should be a national holiday! I live in ky and my first concert was kiss and ac/dc in 75 (with Bon) after the last song I left. I knew I had just seen the greatest rock band and performance. I have never missed a tour. I've had 3kids and made their 1st rock concert AC/DC I am your #1FAN.and WE SALUTE YOU!!!

Happy birthday to my hero!!!!!

happy bort dya man from all the fans from moroco

happy rockin birthday Angus dangus

Happy Birthday Angus! You rock, have loved ACDC for a long time.

Happy belated Birthday Angus!From William E. Tracy U.S.A.