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Happy Birthday Angus Young!

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Mate your my hero, i look up to you for avdivice on W.W.A.D (What Would Angus Do) it might be your brithday but your still that 16 year old schoolboy i and many of my fellow AC/DC fan's love and adore. happy brithday Angus!

-Brian R.

Happy Birthday Angus! If i could be any other person in this life...definitely i would like to be you!
Love u!

Yeah Angus is the Best and You looks a little bit how Brian
Kiss, your MelMel

Happy belated Birthday, Angus! How are you? I sure you hope you read this and know that you have inspired me to play guitar. Your gift from God has touched my life and I want to rock for the Lord! I sure would like to meet you guys someday, like millions of other fans around the world! Wow, think of all the people in the world you have inspired!!! Please drop me a line at <a href="mailto:ssherman@midrivers.com">ssherman@midrivers.com</a>. God bless you and your family. How is Ellen doing? Have you two had any children? I hope AC/DC makes it to Billings, MT sometime soon....please!!! You are wanted here! Please come and rock our world!!!
Sincerely, Shelley Sabrina Herman (one of your many #1 fans)

Happy Birthday Angus Young !! you usually have the variant energy whereas on stage, and you are actually the simplest musician within the world <a href="http://www.thenewstrack.com">Latest Pakistan News</a>