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Happy Birthday Brian Johnson!

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hey brian, happy birthday to you. i have to say your as hot as ever and id definately do you anyday. Loads of hugs and birthday kisses to you xxxxxx

Happy Birthday mister Brian Johnson you saved my life with your music...thanks to exist!!!

Happy Birthday Rocker!!!!

Happy Birthday Brian! Thanks for all the years and more to come.

my husband and me wish you a happy birthday
big kisses

Happy Birthday Brian! You've rocked my world since I was 14. Thank you for your energy. I'm 46 now and your still one of my very top favorites. Have a blast man!

Happy Birthday from North Germany Brian!!!

Happy Rocking Birthday!!! Brian. Greetz from Holland

Happy birthday! I'd buy you a drink but I'm in Finland and I'm not old enough Laughing out loud

happy birthday Brian