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Happy Birthday Brian Johnson!

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Happy Birthday from all of us in OSLO! Hope to see you Rock this town soon .

Happy Birthday Brian! I think you allready now this but.. You have a amazing Voice! And I don't now if you read this but please..please come to SWEDEN.. I was to young last time.. so I cried rivers but I still do that.! (Ps: I am a little shy girl who stands for my music)

Happy birthday Brian, greetings from Norway Smile

happy b/day dude!! just got the "live at river plate" dvd , its awesome

happy birthday , Rock on! and on and on and on...!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Johnson!!!

Happy B-Day Brian, this Brian just had one too!

Happy Birthday Mr.Johnson my name is william (willy)I was born on the 5/10/56,what a great coincidence,I'm a naturalised aussie I'm living in italy at the moment spent half of my life in Sydney,I first saw AC/DC at Daceyville school hall way back in '73, I think, with Bon .Thank you for keeping AC/DC rockin'all the best,hello to all the rest of your mates,keep a stiff upper lip,It's a long way to the top if you want to rock n roll

Happy Birthday Brian. Have a rocking birthday and keep on rocking!!!
AC/DC for ever!!!!!!!!