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Happy Birthday Brian Johnson!

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Happy Birthday Brian!!!I"m thinking at your birthday every year on 5th octobre because you were the role model of my teen-ager years, and i wish you all the best, keep rocking and go on the ROCK N ROLL DREAM!!!
Thank you and the band for the amazing show in Bucharest in May. It was a dream that i had since i was 10, and now, after 20 years, i am very happy that i saw you and the band singing so close to me.
I wish you again happy birthday and all my best wishes!
Radu, Bucharest(Romania)

Happy Birthday Brian!!

WE SALUTE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday Brian, the most beautiful voice of the world. Yeaaahhh \m/

Happy birthday Brian!!

I was following you all along the Black Ice tour. You are like wine getting better as you age. Many happy happy years to come. Please don't ever stop recording with the boys.


Tel Aviv, Israel.
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Happy birthday! i've been telling my friends tht is his birthday all day! i think there sick of me. oh well i still have 7 hours left to spread the word!hehehe. then ill have to wait till cliffs birthday!! Smile

first thought when i woke up this morning.then i turned on the radio and you shook me all night long was on! keep on rockn' brian!

Minnesota salutes you AC/DC!!!

Happy Birthday Brian! Best Wishes from all of Your fans around the world!

Thank You for a BRILLIANT concert in Poland!

happy birthday Brian never stop ROCKIN. We solute you.

happy birthday Johno! Hope to see you continue releasing albums and touring with ac/dc in the near future!
Just cos you had a few birthdays doesn't make you old. Rock and Roll.