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Happy Birthday Brian Johnson!

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trés bon anniversaire Brian que la bonne fortune jalonne ta route du rock pour notre plus grand plaisir . A bientot , en France et surtout sur scène ou tu es le meilleur . je voulai rajouter que ta voix chaude et rocailleuse collait à merveille aux chansons du dernier album et que moi aussi j'ai un rockroll dreim . Marie-paule

Happy Birthday!-Boldog szülinapot-in hungarian

I wish Mr. Johnson a belated happy birthday all the way from Glasgow, Scotland xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I'm new to this sight,however a veteran AC/DC lover. I have two kids 5 and 9 who (no kidding) recognized the music just born. My son wants to go to a concert soo bad, I just can't swing the price. My husband and I years ago went to several concerts. Scott, my son , has to have a major surgery. He has to have his spleen removed and his gall bladder. I am hoping for just a little attention from the ones he loves the most besides mom and dad--AC/DC... Such a trooper he is strong and brave. We live in Santa Rosa California If anyone could give him a little bit of rocker support It will make his day. I'll upload a photo of him later today.

happy birthday !!! <3 !!!! all best wishes !!!!!!

Happy birthday!!


Happy birthday Brian! Us Libras have to stick
together! Sorry so late been having too much
fun for my own BD (3rd)! Love ya!!

Happy Birthday, mate..
stay sane..!!