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Happy Birthday Cliff Williams!

Happy Birthday Cliff Williams!

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Happy birthbay Cliff Williams

Happy birthday. Best greetings from Poland:)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! Laughing out loud


Happy Birthday Cliff Williams !! greeting frome Belgium fans !!

Happy birthday Cliff you bass thumping SOB !
The elders in our family have been rocking with you since the 70's!
For an old f***er you still ROCK!
Hope you have many many happy days!!!!!

The Lials (all of us!)

Happy Birthday Cliff !!!

Love Ya Cliff... Thank You for the great music! HAPPY B-DAY

Happy Birthday Cliff! Have an awesome birthday! I hope it is filled with love, fun, and peace. I sure would like to meet you and the guys in the band. I would love a phone call. I like to think of myself as AC/DC's #1 fan...I won't fight over the title, since you guys have millions of #1 fans now. Back in 1980, I was inspired to rock like you guys. Have a rockin' good time tonight and here's my <a href="mailto:email...ssherman@midrivers.com">email...ssherman@midrivers.com</a>, please drop me a line. I sure would like to jam with you guys and my guitar. It's only been a dream of mine for 31 years now! Love you guys, Shelley Sabrina Herman

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLIFFY!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! sorry its so late but still, I LOVE YOU!!!

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