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Happy Birthday Cliff Williams!

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happy birthday cliff.

happy birth day to one of the greatest bass guitar players.

Zagreb and Croatia want to see you and rock with you! we have many people in Croatia that are AC/DC fans for life and I'm one of them. I'm 16 yo and I play your song on guitar every fuc*ing day!!!
come to Arena Zagreb just G'n'R did and rock with us!

AC/DC 4ever <3

Happy b/day Cliff many more albums to come i hope, just wish u guys would come to South Africa

happy birthday from poland

Hello Guys!

Happy Birthday Cliff Williams!

You are the best rock band in the world!

Happy New Year for AC/DC!

I' live in Hungary, and I know a very good pub, where, everybody loves AC/DC. On the wall, has got a AC/DC picture too. I can't live whitout your music.


Happy Birthday WILLIAM !!! I LOVE YOU !!

happy birthday

You just keep rockin' still you are in your age. I respect that alot. as a kid when I were around 9 I started to play the bas. I had no idols, but I listened alot to AC/DC.
AC/DC have been my favoriteband through my hole life. And then I started to play the AC/DC songs.
You've my idol and thats it!
Happy Birthday!

Happy bday man I love ACDC greatest band ever I got an ACDC sweatshirt for Xmas keep up the great work

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