Happy Birthday Malcolm Young!

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Happy birthday man Your the Greatest!!!

Happy birthday Mal. I really want to write more, but i'm bad at english. sorry.

Happy Birthday Maclolm Young !
We miss you ! come to Poland one more time !
We love you !!!

I just wanted to say Happy Birthday, Malcolm! Thanks for helping to give the world the greatest Rock N' Roll music known on this Earth...and as always, keep rockin!

Awww! Happy birthday, Malcolm Young!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Malcolm !!!

hey happy bday malcom i love all the acdc band mambers

Happy Birthday, Malcom! I always appreciated you the most, the band wouldn't have been as it is without you Shock)

A belated happy birthday Malcolm. Hope u had a good yin x

Sorry for beeing one day late. Salute, Mal, all of the best form Poland. Keep doing the best rock'n'roll on the Earth, allow us to see the band with the greatest rythym guitarist ever one more time! Give us blood, we want blood!

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