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Happy Birthday Malcolm Young!

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happy birthday


Malcolm, You Genius!!!
Happy B Day !!!

Happy Birthday Malcolm !

Happy Birthday Malcom! Rock on man
Love from Scotland!

Hope you had a good one, Malcom. God bless you for all that you have inspired in all of us rock and roll dreamers of the future. Myself and the rest of the REAL Lousiana folk share no greater feelings than the appreciations of the most influential true rock and roll band. 'nuff said! happy....late B-day

A bit late for that but I wanted to wish Malcolm a happy birthday. And welcome to the new year 2011.

I was pleased to read about Canadian father and son ACDC fans Mark and Matthew Ngara (sorry if I might have the name spelling wrong!) = fans of the month. I ve been a fan myself since 1992 and I understand how they feel. It is all about releasing energy and having fun. And there is no better music than that of ACDC for that!

Happy Birthday Mal From Latvia

Happy Birthday! Keeping rocking! You are solid stone mate! All love from California USA to your soul!

Cassiel Ligthman

Happy B-Day Malcolm Wink

United States