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Happy Birthday Phil Rudd!

Happy Birthday Phil Rudd!

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Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day! Laughing out loud //Love from A little girl (15) in Sweden who loves and lives for AC/DC! I was to young to see you guys when you where here in Sweden last time.. Sad

happy birthday phill!

Phil, Happy Birthday mate.

Always love a guy who loves flying choppers! Just sensational that you're a pilot who happens to be the best drummer in the world!!! There will always be analyses, but you ARE the very best!!! No exception!

Enjoy your birthday mate!!!


Happy Birthday from Switzerland Phill. Soon I will go zo Phill's Place... Uhhuuu

Happy birthday!! Hope to see you soon in canada!!

Happy Birthday Phil!!!!!!!! I thought so much of you... you're the best drummer of all time and you make my heart beat everyday I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! Laughing out loud

happy birthday.hello phill.you are number one........from alessandria,italy

Happy Birthday Phill

I know you SOOOO many of these things!! i know you get the YOUR THE BEST!!!!. But I look at ya'll as a whole. All i know is no matter how bad i feel. Let me tell you. BUT !!!!!!! i Love ya'll. You have really saved my life! This is no joke. OK!!! U know and so will half the world. The other half suxs. that cuz the dont listen to ya'll. But anyways....I've had a 40cal to my head. and it didnt go off!!!! yes it was loaded! Just no click Flick of the Switch!!!!!. sorry now ill prob end up somewhere. cuz everybody can see this. i just thought you should know! i mean one Birthday and just me. But HAPPY BIRTHDAY. coming from someone that shouldn't even writting this. From your number 2 fan, cuz HE must be your number 1 fan!!

Happy birthday Phil