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Iron Man 2 Certified Gold

Iron Man 2 Certified Gold
Congratulations to AC/DC on achieving gold RIAA certification for the album Iron Man 2!

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That's great! I believe that's AC/DC's 21st Gold album! Congrats!

Still, why wasn't some of the back catalog re-certified while we're at it?
I know "Live" and "Live Col. Ed." are both well overdue an update, maybe others too.
Powerage? If You Want Blood? Dirty Deeds? Blow up Your Video? Back in Black?
And that's just the albums, how about DVDs?

Great Smile Congrats AC/DC

that's great Smile Iron man cool stuff ! I've got it !!!
you deserve it ... and more and more Smile
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I feel priviliged to be part of this web page ac/dc are without doubt the greatest hard working rock n roll band in history to just hear that ironman 2 has achived gold certification from RIAA only goes to further show the massive influence they have on modern day society congratulations boys and we look forward to you churning out a new album and tour soon

Just out of curiosity (9 lives in case your worried), what comes after Platinum??