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Phil Rudd Hosts Charity Event In New Zealand

Phil Rudd Hosts Charity Event In New Zealand
On April 15th AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd hosted "Ferrari Day" displaying 30 Ferrari's including two of his own to help raise proceeds for the "Look Good Feel Better" charity at the Tauranga Bridge Marina in Tauranga, New Zealand which drew a crowd of thousands.  According to the Bay Of Plenty Times Mr. Rudd said the event was organized as a family day and to benefit his charity of choice.
"The main thing is to get people down here and have a day of fun. Let's make the most of the rest of summer while it lasts. I didn't want this to be an exclusive event, it's not a pretentious thing, it's a family day that a whole lot of people can enjoy," he said.

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Oh Phil this 's a really good thing ! wonderful thing !
charity is the best thing to do ... you're a cool guy Smile ful of kindness !
luv ya Phil Smile
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all the very best with all my tenderness ...

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